Dedicated to Wendy who helped to inspire my picking up the brushes again.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

"Anne's Bouquet: 1-20-2013

                                                              "ANNE'S BOUQUET"
5"X5" cube Canvas, Acrylic
I love doing these 5x5  cubes.  You don't have to frame them, they stand up on their own and look great on an easel, or on a shelf, or a small wall area. Great little pop of color. Fun to do to. Quick and Easy.  This one is for Anne, for her Birthday.  She is a lovely 1st generation French lady, who I have come to love and enjoy her company for past 18 years. She has been like a mom to me in lots of special ways.  When you go to her home,you will Always see fresh flowers indoors and out.  

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